Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The continuing saga of Alternative Boy

This morning I went and turned in the write up for the incident yesterday afternoon. I had the bus shop pull the tape so that I could cue it up and the school could see the behavior in question. The principal of the Alternative School met with me in the office. Our exchange went something like this:

Principal: He got 5 days off for yesterday morning right?
Me: Yes Ma’am.
Secretary: Yes.
Principal: Ok, add another 10 days on top of that for this one.
Me: Ok, Thank you. So that’s 15 total days off the bus?
Principal: Yes, that’s what the protocol is.
Me: Thank you very much.

Excerpts from our current bus policy (taken directly from the handbook):

Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. The student who persists in misbehaving on a school bus jeopardizes the safety of everyone on the bus and may lose the privilege of riding the bus. The bus driver is responsible for maintaining discipline on the bus and in this capacity has the authority to assign seats and to make other reasonable demands of students. Any necessary discipline will be administered by a principal or the principal’s designee. In extreme circumstances, bus drivers may deliver a misbehaving student to a school principal or to the police before finishing the route. A student is to ride the bus to which he/she is assigned. Any emergency request to ride a bus not previously assigned to the student should be requested in writing by the parent/guardian.

The bus is an extension of the classroom/school, and the bus driver should be extended the same respect as a classroom teacher. The bus driver has absolute charge of the pupils riding his/her bus. Any offense covered in the Student Behavior Code (Policy JCDA) that occurs en route to and from school and/or on a school vehicle will be dealt with as if it occurred on school property. Also, students are not allowed to eat, drink, or chew gum while on the bus. In addition to the punishment options identified in the Student Behavior Code, administrators are authorized to suspend students from riding the bus for a specified period of one to ten days and require a parent conference before the student resumes riding the bus. During this conference, the administrator, parent(s)/guardian(s), and a student may establish a contract of bus conduct for the student to follow. If necessary, an administrator can suspend a student from bus transportation for the remainder of the school year.

The typical discipline for bus behavior problems goes as follows:

1st Write up – Warning (OR) 3 days off the bus – depends on school and the offense the student committed.

2nd Write up – 3 days off the bus. (This may be skipped to step 3 if the student has already had 3 days off for the 1st Write up)

3rd Write up – 5 days off the bus.

4th Write up – 10 days off the bus.

5th Write up – Loss of bus riding privilege.

Yes, Alternative Boy has earned himself 10 days off the bus for his rude and disrespectful behavior from yesterday afternoon. We shall continue this story when he gets back on the bus in 15 days. The principal didn’t even bother to look at the tape of the incident.

In other news, I need to figure out what I’m going to wear on Halloween. I’m thinking a witch hat and wig and a witch nose if I can find one! Any suggestions?

Loving the Peace and Quiet,

The Bus Driver


ChiTown Girl said...

Well, amen and hallelujah!! I guess that means if Alternative Boy screws up one more time, he's gone for good, huh? It's great to hear that you are being supported by the principal.

BTW, I realize this will probably sound weird/stupid, but up until now, when you wondered about what to wear on Friday, I was unsure of your gender. Now I know! ;-)

The Bus Driver said...

haha men can be witches too!!!... though i'm actually female :)

ChiTown Girl said...

I actually almost joked about you possibly being a "drag witch" but I thought that would be pushing it a bit too far!!

The Bus Driver said...

HAHA!!! thanks for the huge laugh... i SOOO needed that!

Jpm said...

I am not sure if I have posted this before or not but I will post it again.
I teach at a child care center, the bus picks them up to go to "real school". As soon as the children step onto the bus they chant, "can't go past the emergency door, can't go past the emergency door. " in a chanty sing songy voice. Actually its pronounced "mergency door" It's quite additive. When I want to annoy my co teacher or just make her laugh I look at her and say " cant go past the mergency door " LOL

The Bus Driver said...

Thats sooo adorable JPM.