Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Babysitting=Jail Time? WTF

I saw this on Facebook:

Searched it on YouTube (the audio is slightly off for this video, but it has the basic story):

And News Articles:

This is insane! Parents try to do the responsible thing in finding adequate supervision for their kids for a mere 45 minutes while they wait for the school bus. Friends helping friends. This woman is facing jail time because she is a GOOD parent?! There is definitely something wrong with this picture here. The Department of Human Services tells the parents to "get the kids an umbrella, and make them wait outside". Next thing you know the SAME person who called in about this "Illegal Daycare" will be calling in about child abuse and neglect, because the children are waiting outside unsupervised in the rain/sleet/snow/sun.

I WISH parents were this responsible in making sure their children are adequately taken care of when they get on and off the bus. CRAZY!


The Bus Driver

Friday, September 25, 2009


I had a good laugh the other day when I pulled behind one bus with a bunch of kids misbehaving. I glared at the kid who was standing in the seat and acting up. He happened to glance back at me. I pointed down with my finger and mouthed the words, SIT DOWN. The kid got a wide eyed look and immediately shrunk back down in the seat. BUSTED!

Since I bounce from bus to bus, I get to know the troublemakers on each bus. This morning when I rode the bus and seated all the kids, they took one look at me and knew I meant business. I have perfected the "Glare" that causes any child to immediately start behaving.

Influentially Glaring!

The Bus Driver

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overheard - The Series Continues

I often get very witty one liners from kids as they get on or off the bus. I've decided to document these and turn them into a recurring blog feature.

The last stop of the day had a brother and sister pair getting off the bus. Both kids annoy each other and the sister always seems to try to have the last word just to annoy the brother. The sister had gotten off the bus first and raced ahead of the brother to tell their parents what he had done.

The brother wanders up the aisle and suddenly stopped and looked at me and asked:

Brother: Ms. Bus Driver? Have they invented the human muzzle yet?

Me: Uhm, actually I'm not sure. Why? So you can put it on your sister?

Brother: Yeah! When I get older, I'm going to invent the human muzzle and she'll be the FIRST to try it!

Laughing Hysterically,

The Bus Driver

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stop Signs

Every year we go through school bus safety rules with children. We review the safety concerns of getting on and off the bus, how to perform an emergency evacuation, and the importance of following all safety precautions on the bus. Every year there are students who get killed due to carelessness and ignorance. Part of the fault lies with the students, but a majority of the fault lies with the motorist who ignores the safety and laws regarding a stopped school bus.

School buses are equipped with emergency 4-way flashers, 8-way student lights, and flashing stop signs, sometimes the rear of the bus is equipped with a flashing panel warning motorists behind the bus that the bus is about to stop. Each state has their own laws regarding stopping for buses that are loading and unloading children, most states require that motorists obey the signs attached to the bus as if they were a fixed point. That means, if the school bus has all lights activated, the stop signs attached to the bus are extended, and you see the door open and students either entering or exiting the bus, YOU MUST STOP! DO NOT roll by the bus at a crawl. DO NOT speed up to get past the bus that is already stopped with lights and safety protocol activated. DO NOT play chicken with the children who may or may not be in the road and paying attention to YOU.

Often children get off the bus and cross the road without even stopping to look for traffic. They assume since the school bus is stopped, that it must be safe. Also, there are parents who are waiting for their children to get off the bus, some with the younger sibling of the child. As a motorist, you DO NOT want to explain to a distraught mother why you ran the school buses stop sign, and struck their child as their child was running into their arms. Rest assured though, if you do run our stop signs, we are required by law to record your license plate number, the color of your vehicle, and a description of you, and you WILL be getting a visit from a nice deputy explaining why it is important to stop for a school bus. You may also get a ticket.

We understand you’re busy and often in a hurry to get to your destination but please, consider the safety of the children and stop for school buses. You will be caught.

Always Cautious,

The Bus Driver

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Imagine my shock and surprise when I received a comment congratulating me on being one of Scholastic’s Top 20 Teacher Blogs. Naturally, I had to research this, and lo and behold, I’m definitely on the list as number 20. It’s quite an honor to be selected.

Welcome to my new readers that come here as a result of the Scholastic article. Up next, a rant on stop signs. Stay tuned.

Feeling Special,

The Bus Driver

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vacant is to Open as Occupied is to....

"Wait, coach, whats that "O" word and what does it mean?"

Yes that is the question one of the 11th-12th grade varsity softball players asked on the field trip to their game yesterday. I couldn't believe it.

In other news, all students are now standing outside in 15 degree weather for 15 minutes while waiting for the bus... in short sleeves and shorts. Oh and its snowing too. (Not really, but apparently it must be cold according to parents so we must be insane to make kids wait for the bus. The real temperature in the mornings has been in the low to mid 70's.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Overheard: Part Deux

Today, I told the joke regarding broccoli and boogers to a pair of sisters, one is in 2nd grade, the other in 3rd. I baby sit them when their mom goes off to her second job. Their mom and I both drive a bus and are friends. Anyhow, telling them the joke, the third grader looks me dead in the eye after the punchline and says seriously:

"But Miss. Bus Driver, I eat BOTH my broccoli AND my boogers."


The Bus Driver