Monday, October 27, 2008

Alternative Boy gets written up

So, I just knew it wouldn’t be long before I had an interesting story about Alternative Boy. This morning began pretty typically, dropped the highschoolers off and continued to the first of four elementary schools that I drop off at in the morning times. He is calling me from the back of the bus asking to move up, change seats, and just generally being a pain in the rear. He changes seats anyways and I make him move back to his original seat. He didn’t like this too much and started to pout.

He forgets about pouting and begins to hold his arms as though he’s holding a rifle or a gun with them. He makes the cocking/loading noise of the gun and then “aims” and pretends to fire. He does this several times in the direction of the bus behind me. I tell him he needs to stop. He doesn’t listen. He then says, “What bus is behind us? Oh, Bus 36. They are ‘bout to get shot!” Then “aims” his “gun” at the bus behind me and continues to make the noise. I ask him if that is a threat and tell him to stop. He doesn’t listen again, “fires off” two more times and then stops, laughing.

I wrote him up.

He got 5 days suspended off the bus.

This afternoon he got on my bus with an attitude and flounced back to the back seat complaining the whole time that I wrote him up for “nothing” and that he didn’t deserve what he got. He continues to question me why I wrote him up and I ignored his prodding demands. I wasn’t going to get into it with him. Well he stews the whole ride, then 2 stops before his designated stop, he gets up and demands to get off the bus because I didn’t turn down his road and take him RIGHT home. We are not allowed to let them off at a stop other than their own designated stop. I ask him politely to sit down and wait until his stop. He continues to get louder and louder and then tells me to either let him off or call the police. I asked him to step aside to let the other children off at their designated stop, but as soon as I opened the door part way he kicked the door jerking it out of my hand (I have an older, swing arm/hand operated door on my bus) and proceeds to walk across in front of the bus. He takes the wad of gum (my kids are not allowed to have gum – or any type of candy - on the bus) out of his mouth and flips it up in front of me as if to say, “fuck you” and walks off.

I rerouted the bus so that I would not need to go by his house. I deliberately did that simply because I didn’t know if he had an actual gun at home and didn’t want to put myself or any of my other kids on the bus in danger of him. I plan to write him up again for insubordination and disrespect.

Staying Calm,

The Bus Driver


ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, what a day! That kid needs a good old fashioned spanking! How in the world are you going to deal with THIS the rest of the year? I'm sure he'll get a few more days suspended off the bus for today's antics, but hell, how many times can you do that before he's kicked off permanently? Is that even a possiblity? I hope so, for your sake. You should not be held responsible for this child's safety because he got off the bus, without permission, at a stop that isn't even his. God forbid he were to get hurt, they'd want to know why he was off the bus, right? That's so not fair for you!! I can't wait to read the update to this one!

The Bus Driver said...

Chitown-- I'll address your question in my followup post. Its a good one and one that others are wondering about too.

Pissed Off said...

that kid should be banned permanently from the bus.

Pissed Off said...

that kid should be banned permanently from the bus