Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Overheard - BonBons

Most of the time, the morning routes are uneventful. Kids are just waking up, are still sleepy, and are often quieter in the morning. Not the case with BonBon Girl. BonBon Girl is in everyone's business. I don't think that child sleeps at night, she always seems so wired up. She acts out enough that she has earned herself a permanent front seat. Unfortunately we still have to remind her to sit down and turn around. She tends to tell the other kids what to do, and again, we have to remind her to mind her own business several times during the route.

Anyhow, the following exchange happened between BonBon Girl and another child on the bus this morning:

BonBon Girl: When people get pregnant, they eat BonBons!

Other Child: Ew....

BonBon Girl: What? Its just chocolate! They eat Twinkies too!

Somehow, I really don't want to know what started that conversation!

Nibbling Chocolate(and NOT pregnant)!

The Bus Driver


ChiTown Girl said...

She forgot pickles and ice cream! ;-)

Julie said...

Kids crack me up!! The other day my little one asked my if a T Rex was two books tall. It took a while but I finally understood he meant two stories tall. Get it stories/books!!
Ha! Kids are natural comedians!


Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

The Bus Driver said...

julie, thats funny!!!

@chitown - pickles, icecream and chocolate are the staples of any woman's diet!