Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Morning or Good Afternoon?

Ms. Elderly is back with a third installment. To fully appreciate her, you need to read Part 1 and Part 2.

I recently picked up Ms. Elderly and Mr. Stroke for BINGO. They go play bingo at a local church twice a month. It's this huge event and they go play anyways even if they don't win anything. I pick up Ms. Elderly first and head over to Mr. Stroke's house. Mr. Stroke recently had a haircut. I mentioned it, and Ms. Elderly pipes up with, "I like him better with longer hair, its more curly and fits him better." Nothing like saying whats exactly on your mind huh?

I let the lift down to get Mr. Stroke and his powerchair on the bus, and I hear the following exchange between the two as I'm raising the lift.

Ms. Elderly: Good MORNING Mr. Stroke!

Mr. Stroke: Good AFTERNOON Ms. Elderly!

Ms. Elderly: It's not afternoon, its MORNING.

Mr. Stroke: I beg to differ it is AFTERNOON, its after 12.

Keep in mind, this happened at about 12:30 NOON, BINGO doesn't start till after 1:30 pm and both are going early to get good "seats" for the activity. In fact, they were the first there. I climb back into the bus in time to hear Ms. Elderly retort back with, "I guess it IS afternoon then."

When I returned to pick them up around 5 pm, I mentioned that I was surprised that Ms. Crazy - another regular transit rider - wasn't on the bus. Ms. Elderly had something to say about that as well.

Ms. Elderly: Well Ms. Crazy gets a ride from Mr. GuyDownTheRoad. He lives down the road from her about 3 miles. She has ridden with him a couple times, so I guess they're an Item. Well, thats what I think anyways!

Forgive me if I dissolved into fits of laughter at this revelation. If that wasn't enough, this took the icing on the cake.

Ms. Elderly: I brought home two pieces of cake. We had cake for dessert at BINGO. I didn't win anything this time, but I did bring home the cake. No icing though, thats bad for diabetics like me. I hope I can get the cake inside before my daughter finds out I have it hidden in my walker!

Licking the Icing,

The Bus Driver

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ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my hell, this was funny!!!

I don't know what is going on with my reader, but I missed the last 4 of your posts. Phooey!! I'm all caught up now, thank you very much! :)