Friday, January 9, 2009

Mini-Mouthboy and the Stolen Bicycle

I wrote about Mini-Mouthboy early on in November 2008. While some of his behavior has improved, he still has not gotten the point of staying in his seat without causing trouble. I moved Pipsqueak away from him because he and Pipsqueak would get into massive trouble together and it caused a huge headache for me.

NewBoy and NewGirl are siblings that ride on my first round in the afternoon. Apparently NewBoy and his family are new to the neighborhood of resident troublemakers and delinquent children. On my route alone, I constantly have students in In School Suspension, or in some form of trouble either in school or on the bus. NewBoy’s parents are learning this lesson the hard way. NewBoy had his brand new Christmas bicycle stolen off their porch outside their house. The bike cost 150 dollars. NewBoy lamented this tragedy to anyone who would listen on the bus and Mini-Mouthboy somehow got tangled up in this situation.

On my second pass by NewBoy’s house, NewBoy’s mother flags me down. (Stick with me folks, it gets confusing here!) She relates this tale of the stolen bicycle and then claims that “someone” on the bus told her son that he was the one who stole the bike and it was at his house and NewBoy could “come and get it if you dare.” She then describes the “someone” and I had the urge to say, “Lady, you just described HALF the kids on my bus!” Instead I smiled and nodded as she continued to be upset about this bike and what this “someone” had said to her son. She tells me they filed a police report and I politely told her that I would do what I could to cooperate with the police in hopes of tracking down NewBoy’s bike. The “someone” in question turned out to be…. You guessed it…. Mini-Mouthboy, who proceeded to tell me HIS side of the story with no prompting. Covering up much?! Mini-Mouthboy also tells me who he THINKS stole the bike. (Everyone still with me?? Anyone confused yet?? Great!! So am I!!!!!)

I later find out that Mini-Mouthboy allegedly made some threats of bodily harm to NewBoy in regards to the stolen bike but due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot tell NewBoy’s parents Mini-Mouthboy’s name, but that NewBoy can point out the boy who threatened him and that I would do what I needed to do by giving the name to the police or the proper authorities.

Long story short, I’ve given Mini-Mouthboy’s name to the police along with his address and his mother’s name. Hopefully this situation won’t get any bigger or more confusing.

In other news, several of my Cherubs are getting on my nerves. Constant back talking and disrespect are things I deal with on a daily basis and it has got to stop!

Riding a Unicycle,

The Bus Driver


ChiTown Girl said...

That's quite a situation to have to deal with. I hope it all works out, and that NewBoy gets his bike back.

FidgetyTeach said...

Yes, I followed the story. You explained it very well. I can't believe that all of this happens on a bus ride! How long is the ride to school?

The Bus Driver said...

Fidgety - I begin my afternoon route at 2:35 pm. I pick up NewBoy and NewGirl at that time along with a bunch of kids. I then pick up Mini-Mouthboy around 2:40 pm. I drop NewBoy and NewGirl off at 2:42 pm. I pick up Pipsqueaks school at 2:48 and then my middle schoolers around 3:00. I make it back around NewBoy's stop around 3:10 or so. Mini-Mouthboy rides until about 3:15. By 3:25 I've emptied my bus of all students and am headed to 3 other schools to pick up and repeat the process.

The Bus Driver said...

ETA - I finish my route by 4:05 daily.

Anonymous said...

You've been a Godsend soooo many times----there is strength in numbers, lol Your experiences help shed light on what busdrivers face. You've brought humor to tough situations. I thank you for that!!! Having only being a busdriver of 5 months, I have found that the moment you say to yourself 'we have finally made it, reached a place of mutual understanding'....well, then the unexpected seems to pop up. Wrestling in the back, obscene language shouted out randomly, etc...and much more. But, then, just when I say this is for the birds, (usually after dropping off the troublemakers at their stop)another child will say something that makes me laugh, etc...and you continue on. I read the comment from Fidgety asking how long is the ride to school. I used to wonder that, too, how can sooo much happen in so little time? It's pretty amazing sometimes! I am the newschoolbusdriver who forgot the password, etc.. :)

Anonymous said...

You do so crack me up. You handle the crazy things that come up with poise, grace and humor!

You rawk!