Friday, August 5, 2011

Overheard - Mc Donalds

I was babysitting today for a friend of mine and the kids and I went to McDonalds. The bonus of most Mickey D's is that their play place is located inside and is in an air conditioned area. The only place that would trump Mickey D's indoor play area would be the play area in one of the Burger Kings when I was growing up.

I also realized, most of the playground equipment is now made of hardened plastic. There are very rare playgrounds filled with the metal equipment that I played with as a kid. I distinctly remember our playground was all metal equipment and hard ground. There were no wood chips or sawdust, or sand, to break our falls. Only hard dirt. There were also plenty of tree roots that would spring up when we would play tag. It would almost be like the trees wanted to play tag with us.

I digress. I was sitting at Mickey D's enjoying my burger when one of the girls I was babysitting has the following exchange with her sister:

Girl 1 - (looking at the little smurf figurines that they have in kids meals) Why do they call him Papa Smurf. He isn't the father of all those smurfs!

Girl 2 - (thinking a bit) Well he could be!

Girl 1 - Well, he must have had lots of wives!!!!

Smurfing along!

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You've got to love the honesty of small children.