Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp Fun!!!

Recently, I had the pleasure to drive the 4H kids up to their yearly week long camp out. I was only going up to drop them off, and then head back home, but lots of fun was had throughout the ride up. There were two buses going this year, about 60 kids in total.

Before we even left the 4H parking lot, a concerned parent stepped up on the bus after one boy had been sent to the other bus because his name was on the other bus' list. Apparently, she was concerned because a boy on my bus was the cousin of the boy who got sent to the other bus. She was worried they would not be allowed to even see each other during camp or be in the same group. The lady running the trip reassured her that the kids would be in the same cabin and they would certainly see each other for the whole camp.

What some parents don't realize is that while cousins might be in the same cabin at night, and see each other during meals; when they go to activities, they'll probably be split into different interest groups and evenly distributed among other 4H groups. Part of the fun of camp is making new friends and strengthening knowledge through fun and games. To be honest, the kids don't care WHAT group they're in. As long as they are having fun and making friends, they are happy. They don't even miss their electronics such as cellphones, ipods, and other items.

A lot of children are far more independent than their parents want to admit. When parents just let go a little bit and allow their children to experience new things, their children become better rounded individuals. Camp is about building friendship and keeping fun alive and it provides a safe supervised environment without the overshadowing of parents who are trying to control their children's every move.

I hope that these kids at 4H camp this week have a great time and bring back awesome memories. I know I did when I went to camp.

Singing Camp Songs,

The Bus Driver


Toy Warden said...

I don't know. I used to have a lot of trouble making friends, especially at camps. If I were going to camp with someone I knew, I would have preferred them to be in my group and definitely would have noticed if they weren't there no matter what fun activities we were doing. But then again I sucked at making friends so maybe normal kids would do better than me in that situation.

bliss said...

I total know what you mean, Bus Driver! My daughter went to summer camp for two whole weeks last year and I was beside myself with anxiety. Not only did she not know anyone, but half the only knew how to speak French! She was a beginner frenchy.

Then her counsellor called me mid-way through and told me all about the great things she was doing. (It's one of the things this camp does. They call the parents and give a report.) I know she had a blast and couldn't wait to tell me all about it. I know she'll have fun this year too. She can't wait to get back there.