Monday, May 9, 2011

Snobby Old Ladies

I was driving for transit today when I had a pick up at a local Dollar Store. My client stated she needed to run to Walmart briefly. Since it was next door and I was 15 minutes early, I didn't mind waiting extra. I circled the parking lot a couple of times and then pulled down into the parking lot. The bus is a handicap accessible bus and has privileges to park in handicap spots. I pulled into one of the spots close to the front, but since Walmart parking lot was mobbed, I didn't feel comfortable leaving a little bit of the bus out in the way of traffic. The parking lot has all diagonal parking spaces instead of straight spaces.

The person in the spot next to the one I had pulled had vacated the spot. I quickly backed out and then pulled up out of the way of traffic and covering two spaces. I flipped my hazard lights on, knowing I would be gone within the next 15 minutes. I even pulled up far enough that people had plenty of space to get around me. Thats when Chihuahua Lady decides to pull up at my rear end and HONK her horn LOUDLY. She honks twice more, and when its clear I'm not moving, she flips her blinker on and pulls LEFT almost into my bus, trying to edge me out. Now I'm parked, not moving. She honks her horn again and I see her get agitated more and she is blocking traffic waiting on me to move.

I watch her pull up to my passenger door. I open the door and she rolls down her window, revealing her and her little pet chihuahua. I explain that I am waiting for someone. She remarks quite rudely "WELL, THATS NO WAY TO PARK!" Her chihuahua is yapping at me through the window. I apologize again and she remarks "Well, the POLICE will come and tell you." I just shut the door and she drives off in a huff all angry.

Apparently it seems I was in HER parking space. The one SHE wanted. Yep, I inconvenienced HER. In the end, I left within 15 minutes, and the police were not called to fix her civil dispute with me. I'm sorry if my parking the bus inconvenienced you, but your car is NOT the only car in this parking lot. The ironic thing is, to the right was a space RIGHT in front. But she decided to pick a dispute with me over the way I parked.

Parking Wars,

The Bus Driver

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