Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little story about L-O-V-E.

Stupid attends a local community college and is currently trying to obtain his GED. There is nothing wrong with going for higher education, but he is doing this between getting high on drugs and drunk off alcohol all while cultivating his own little love triangle. Not exactly the "higher" education I would have chosen. Stupid currently has two children by two different mothers in two different states. Stupid has a third girlfriend who is an off again on again smoker and who also antagonizes Stupid.

I get the pleasure of interacting with Stupid on a weekly basis as he rides transit to and from school. Stupid has an anger problem as well and has tried to put his fist through a cement pillar. I have news for everyone, the pillar won that battle. I also transport another lady to and from the college. She is smart and has a good head on her shoulders and a goal in life.

Anyhow, every day there is a different story about how one babymama doesn't like Stupid or about how the other babymama is preventing him from seeing his child. Apparently his lack of brain cells hasn't figured out that the two women likely realize that Stupid will never provide for his children, so they have found other people to provide for the children. So to complete this love triangle, he picks up a girlfriend at the college. They seem to have an argument at every turn, usually involving her quitting smoking and him "catching" her lying about quitting.

One of the early exchanges we had about this new "girlfriend" of his went as follows:

Stupid: Ms BusDriver, Me and girlfriend had a fight and we broke up.

Me: Aw, Sorry to hear that. (trying to sound indifferent)

Stupid: Yeah it just hurts, I really don't want to lose this one. I love this one too much.

Me: Aww that's too bad, how long have you been together?

Stupid: (while he counts on his fingers) Ummmmmm 6 days?

Yes ladies and gentlemen... this man is up for grabs!

Fast forward to last week when he boarded the bus and told me that the 6 day relationship was officially over. He was lamenting on how he wished it would work out and how he now has to find another girlfriend. I'm giving him the usual non committal "mmmhmm's and yeah?'s" when from the back, the other client (who has also been listening to Stupid constantly) speaks up with:

Client: Have you ever thought about being single for a while?

Smart Women for the WIN!

The Bus Driver


ChiTown Girl said...

Bwah hahaha!! Boy, you sure can make us wait for a post, huh? But, man, when we get one, it's a winner! ;-)

Tutoring Match said...

What a sad reality!

Stapuf said...

What a hoot. Some could learn from that gal.