Monday, June 28, 2010

Boys are so GROSS!

Ok, so the title makes me sound like a juvenile girl, but you really haven't lived until you are driving a bus that is packed with a boys team of some sort. Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. When they first get on the bus, they smell normal. But after the game is over, they STINK! It gets worse when the weather is hot and I become eternally grateful that ALL the windows are open and the fans are blowing on me, moving the stinky air to the rest of the bus.

So this summer, being a glutton for punishment, I signed up to drive summer field trips on our buses which do not have air conditioning. Besides being incredibly hot, this intensifies any smell to a point where even the offender's team mates take notice. Recently I drove a group of baseball players and when they boarded the bus, the following conversation occurred:

Player 1 - Dude your shirt STINKS!

Player 2 - I didn't play last game so I didn't think it would smell bad and I didn't wash it.

Player 1 - Dude you should ALWAYS wash your shirts! That's just nasty! Player 3 smell player 1's shirt.

Player 3 - (after taking a big sniff) Ew that reeks!

Player 1 - It's player 2's shirt.

Player 2 - I don't think it smells.

The rest of the team - EW gross dude!

The wonderful teenage mind.

Grossed out!

The Bus Driver

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Yeah...... I've been there.