Friday, January 22, 2010

Overheard - Two for the Price of One

Today was a fun filled day of circuses and bowling. Both unrelated trips, but both producing their equivalent of hyperactive excitable children. A large group of Pre-K babies got to go see the circus at a local venue. Of course this morning, most of the babies were already hyped up for the field trip and really excited. This of course left them on a permanent sugar buzz from all the cotton candy, sugar, and excitement throughout the day of lions, tigers, and bears - Oh My! This little gem came from the afternoon route.

I often have the opportunity to sit and listen to Pre-K babies interact with each other while waiting for the larger kids to come out of their school. Often these children love to "tattle" on each other and most simply call me "Ms. Bus Driver". This exchange happened today while waiting:

Pre-K Girl 1: Ms. RegularDriversName! Ms. RegularDriversName! Ms. RegularDriversName!

Pre-K Girl 2(to #1): Ms. RegularDriversName is not here today!

Pre-K Girl 1(with attitude): So,she can change her name to Ms. RegularDriversName.

Apparently according to Girl 1 - I can magically change my name at will! AMAZING!


I did not get to go to the circus. I did get to take the 7th graders bowling. This trip was a reward for good behavior. As always with trips, lots of random and unexplainable things happen. This happened on the bus en route to the bowling alley:

7th Grade Boy(standing up randomly): When I say Hillshire!, You say Farm!

7th Grade Boy(continuing after a pause): HILLSHIRE!

Whole Bus(including myself and the teachers): FARM! GO MEAT!

Complete with pumping arms in air victoriously.

Yes. It was a good ride.

The Bus Driver


Lisa said...

Kids say the darndest thing!

Heather said...

These are both too funny. It's amazing how excited how the little bus kids get when you 'participate'. I had K/1st graders singing a song dubbed the Cookie Jar song. They sing of someone stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, I got named as the stealer and sang right along "Who me?"

They all giggled and got right back at it. Kids are great! (sometimes)

Alice said...

This is way way too funny. You need a newspaper column.