Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overheard - The Series Continues

I often get very witty one liners from kids as they get on or off the bus. I've decided to document these and turn them into a recurring blog feature.

The last stop of the day had a brother and sister pair getting off the bus. Both kids annoy each other and the sister always seems to try to have the last word just to annoy the brother. The sister had gotten off the bus first and raced ahead of the brother to tell their parents what he had done.

The brother wanders up the aisle and suddenly stopped and looked at me and asked:

Brother: Ms. Bus Driver? Have they invented the human muzzle yet?

Me: Uhm, actually I'm not sure. Why? So you can put it on your sister?

Brother: Yeah! When I get older, I'm going to invent the human muzzle and she'll be the FIRST to try it!

Laughing Hysterically,

The Bus Driver


Ice Queen said...

Great inventions of tomorrow ha

Anonymous said...

I like to have one too, i use then on my bus

Chris said...

Howdy, Bus Driver!

This is Chris, from M-ville. I've moved. I hope you'll come join us at my new place: www.knuckleheadhumor.com