Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coming Soon....

More crazy and wacky stories from the school bus. The end of the school year is coming like a freight train with our last day being on June 5, and the summer looming ahead as a sea of tranquility with no screaming animals children to transport on a daily basis.

I've been kept busy running from one place to another and have hardly had a chance to breathe. I could be posting about the fabulous chocolate cake I consumed the other week while waiting for 6th grade band to toot and tweet their way through an invitational band clinic, or I could talk about the wonderful cookout food we had on the day on the river at a local 8th grade history field trip. Or about the upcoming 3rd grade trip to the Museum of Science and History this Friday.

Today, I had some unexpected and very much needed news. I have secured a second job for this summer and possibly into the next school year. I will be driving for the local transit system during the time I'm not on the bus. The job doesn't pay the best, but its a step in the doorway to possible opportunities. I love my job driving the school bus and wouldn't trade it, besides, the stories I come away with from the bus are unbelieveable (and somewhat insane)!!!! So, fear not readers, the year is almost out and this bus driver will be available far more for fun blogging and I'll definitely be working on queueing up some very interesting posts.

Speeding along!

The Bus Driver


Pissedoffteacher said...

Congrats on the second job! Too bad the first one doesn't pay what you are worth so you won't need tbe second one.

Story of our Life said...

Congrats on the job. To bad it doesn't pay so good. I am a transit operator - just have to take in some hazing before I get to go full time and transport those NASTY children. (Honey..I switched routes and I am so ready to choke the chit out of some of those kids it isnt' even funny).

Anyway...good luck. I look fwd to hearing how it goes.