Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools, Necessary Items, and the Unexpected Day Off.

Well incase you haven’t figured out, the post below is actually a grand April Fools Joke orchestrated by Mr. Teacher over at Learn Me Good. For one day, a group of bloggers “traded places” and it was met with mixed results. The post featured on my blog was actually written by Ms. Teacher. If you want to view my post for April Fools, head on over to 100 Farmers and read up on Bugspray, Sandgnats, and the Zoo. Mr. Teacher has posted a full list of bloggers who participated.

A Bus Driver Bag is essential for all bus drivers. Yes, I keep a bag filled with items that a bus driver should keep handy at all times. These items include, but are not limited to, a Poncho/Umbrella, Bugspray, Sunscreen, a good Book, various pens/pencils, a Hat, a functional Calendar, Water, and anything else that a bus driver might need.

Most of the items are common sense items, but they are essential to the survival of a bus driver. You never know when you might get caught without any of those items and desperately need it at the place and time.

On Friday, we had an unexpected day off due to inclement weather. We had major rainfall over the course of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and the roads were fairly poor condition. Additionally, there were several roads closed due to major flooding. We’re still recovering from the massive rain, and are scheduled for more tonight into tomorrow. This was the first time the school district had decided to close school due to the weather. I’m glad they did, it allowed me to do some much needed errands and pay some bills that had been pushed to the side.

Sopping Wet,

The Bus Driver

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Ivy and Haley said...

You know, I'm glad that you are blogging about driving a bus. I loved school, always, and for me the school bus in the early morning was one of the most beautiful sights. I had the same bus driver from when I was in kindergarden to when I graduated. I remember my teachers first, but he said good morning to me every morning of every day. He watched me grow up.

I liked your comment on post secret, by the way.

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