Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open Letter

This is an open letter to any governor of any state. Please feel free to use this letter as a form to create your own letters to your state representatives and governor.

Dear Mr. Governor of your State,

I am a resident of Town, State located in County. One of my increasing concerns is the rise of the fuel prices as apparent across America. This fuel crisis has many counties looking at ways to conserve its resources. Among those in concern are transportation issues surrounding schools, or "How do we keep the school buses running on a limited budget?" I have an idea that may help the State cut back on its use of fuel in education transportation, but it needs to be included as an alternative to the current law.

Currently State Law (will vary by state but i put the number here) allows for 180 days of instruction to be required. There is no current mention as to the required hours of education per day a student must receive outside of the home school requirements. An option to decrease the use of fuel is the implementation of a 4-day school week. If the law were amended to include an opportunity for local school boards to implement a 4-day school week instead of a 5-day school week and base the education of students on hours of instruction instead of days, there would be a 20 percent decrease in the fuel usage of all school buses that transport children. It would also save the district money that can be used on other items, allow parents to schedule appointments for the "off" weekday, thereby increasing attendance, and provide for school districts to schedule teacher work days and other staff development days on the "off" days as well as allow teachers to offer a flexible tutoring schedule for those struggling students. A conversion to a 4-day school week would increase the amount of time spent in school per day by approximately 1 hour allowing teachers to spend extended time on subjects in which students typically struggle.

I hope that this alternative can be considered in the future of State's development toward a more sustainable future. I can be reached by telephone at 555-555-5555, or through email at.

Kindest Regards,

The Bus Driver.

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