Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Just when we are gearing up for the holidays, the unimaginable happens.

A child, injured by the school bus, having fallen under the rear wheels.

People scrambling to find out what happened.

Fingers are starting to point.

Did he push her?

Did she play around?

Is it the bus drivers fault?

Video shows the drama unfolding.

People stare in disbelief that this could happen to anyone at one of the safest places around, school.

Tears are shed, prayers sent up, as the child is loaded into the ambulance and whisked away by helicopter life flight.

Radio silence.


Is this happening?

Is it real?

The questions start to come flooding in.

More prayers.

What will happen to the bus driver?

Will it ever return to normal?

A Thanksgiving Miracle occurs and the 15 year old girl is OK.

She suffers only internal bruising and is sent home for the holiday.

Things change at the High School forever.


This really happened.

Stay Safe, Arrive Alive,

The Bus Driver.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, wow. I pray you were not the driver in this story. How awful for everyone involved.

(Love the new look, btw!)

The Bus Driver said...

Chitown, i wasn't the driver, but as i stated, this really did happen. It made us all stop and think.

children educational support Mary said...

What a story!!

Pissed Off said...

How sad for everyone--the poor child and the poor driver. Thankfully the child will be okay.

I don't know why you don't show in my reader any more.

The Bus Driver said...

I dont know PO'd weird..... maybe its a blogger glitch?