Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will you PLEASE just SIT DOWN!

Ok, sometimes I do harp on children staying seated, but after coming across this gem on failblog.org I have come to the conclusion that I don't tell children to sit down because its for MY good, but its for THEIR good. I see this happen all too often when a child will not sit down or refuses to park their behinds in a seat. They don't sit down, they get hurt, parents get angry, and somehow its our fault even though most of the time we're continually telling them to sit down, face forward, lower their voices, whatever the case may be.

Today my coworkers and I were discussing our ideal bus. Most of our suggestions included built in straight jackets in the color of your choice (grey or mahogany) - to match the bus seats, mandatory duct tape over those mouths that don't seem to want to stay shut, and that industrial strength velcro in vest form to keep them stuck to the seats. Other ideas that were tossed around were rollercoaster restraints - the bar AND the overhead chest restraint, and other ways of making a child sit and stay in a seat.

Safety First,

The Bus Driver


Beth said...

You wouldn't believe the number of bus referrals I get on children WHO WILL NOT SIT DOWN. Sheesh! It isn't rocket science.

I always threaten to put the non-sitters in a car seat if they can't start sitting down. Parents don't like that idea but I really don't care. It really is about the safety of the students.

The Bus Driver said...

We talk about putting seatbelts on the buses to "Help" those who cant sit down to sit. BUT, we're not allowed to have seatbelts on larger buses anymore (without prior approval and jumping through major hoops). Theres a huge liability on the bus driver if that child who got put in a seatbelt gets hurt or whatever. We have too many parents who DONT want their children properly restrained!.. its kinda scary!

ChiTown Girl said...

OMFG! That's hilarious! I think every parent of every child who rides the bus should have to watch this!

Anonymous said...

lol Poor kid! Although I admit that I did laugh and showed my family. Think I'll show my students during our bus safety talk!

Angela said...

Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. I feel guilty for laughing so hard.

I thought about showing it to my students, but I think they might laugh, too. I'd have to keep the volume completely down and keep a really serious face. Not sure if I could.

Alice said...

I guess I'm cold. I don't feel sorry for the little troll. Have a happy flight!