Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Little Better

So far, the second day went far better than the first. It is still a bit of a disaster when the powers that be decide that we're going to make all these "exceptions" for all these kids. Another problem is brewing though and that is the traffic. There is greatly increased traffic flow around the schools and that is causing some major traffic backups around town. Unfortunately due to the change in the configuration of our school, there is simply not enough space at 2 out of 4 elementary schools to accommodate the number of buses needed to start at each school.

I hope that through the week ahead, alot of that congestion can be eliminated. So far, this year has been far better as far as kids being left behind. Because every school pretty much goes in one wave, all the kids get on their buses before the buses move, therefore eliminating any confusion as to where to stand or sit to wait for the bus.

I think that as the week progresses, we will find most buses getting home at normal times with a few outliers.


The Bus Driver


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it'll work out, eventually. Change is hard for everyone until the change becomes routine. Hats off to you! I wouldn't want your job!

Pissed Off said...

I think you should start work on that book. It will be a unique one! School problems from the bus driver.

Ice Queen said...

Good luck! I hope everything works out. It's always crazy the first few weeks.