Friday, August 22, 2008

Row, Row, Row the Bus...

Gently down the flooded street, through the torrential rain. If you are a bus driver, and live in Florida, Georgia or Alabama, congratulations, this is what you will be experiencing due to Tropical Storm Fay. Downpours, flooding, high wind, and aggravated parents, it never ends!

Why oh why, do parents let their children take showers and baths, but then freak out if a little rain gets on them. Rain, to parents, has become poisonous. We have parents who will drive to the END of their driveways, all 30 feet between the house and the curb, to make sure their child doesn’t get wet. Not only this, they actually get out of their cars, get THEMSELVES wet, and proceed to escort their kid to the bus under an umbrella sheltering their child. What happened to old school where our parents sent us out with raincoats and umbrellas (if we were lucky), to wait at our DESIGNATED bus stops for the bus? The bus also NEVER made provisions for parents who wanted their “special flower” to be dropped off at their driveway end, or in some cases, doorsteps. If it rained during the day and you didn’t come prepared to school, you got to get off at your regular bus stop and walk home ANYWAYS.

It seems the rain makes people stupid. Its like they see rain and say, oh gee I’m going to be stupid today. Stopping suddenly, cutting in front of other vehicles, and driving in a bus’ blind spot are common occurrences that happen more frequently when it rains. Gah!

Soaked to the Bone,

The Bus Driver


Mare said...

Ha! Ha! I lived close enough to the school that I had to walk. I didn't melt... or catch too many colds.

Makes you wonder how these kids will parent when they grow up.

Mare said...

Forgot to add, hope you survived the rain!